Instructions for deleting details easily in Photoshop

Today Filmmarking shows how to simply erase details in Photoshop using Content-Aware Fill.

Instructions for deleting details easily in Photoshop



  • Open the examplate.jpg file. Duplicate the layer with Ctrl + J .
  • Create a new layer - keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N .
  • Pick the Brush Tool (B) . Adjust the brush size to match the width of the grid line to delete. Then paint over the area to be deleted. Remember to select the top layer ( layer remove ).
  • For fast, select the starting point and hold the Shift key at the end to quickly fill the line.
  • After selecting the area to delete, hide the layer containing the brush - this is the remove layer .
  • Press Ctrl and click on the remove layer to select the brushed area.
  • Release Ctrl and click on the example layer .
  • Go to Edit > Content-Aware Fill , wait for the software to finish processing, then select OK .
  • Output To remember to select New Layer .

  • The details have been deleted, basically. However, there will be smudges.
  • Now select the example copy layer , and use the Spot Healing Brush Tool (J) to paint over the smudged areas to erase them. You can also choose to add the Clone Stamp Tool (S) to further clean up these blemishes.
  • Here is the complete instructions on deleting redundant details in the image.
  • The next steps to making your photos better,
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E to merge layers and copy them into a new layer.
  • Go to Filter > Convert for Smart Filters so that modifications don't affect the original layer.
  • Go to Filter > Blur Gallery > Tilt-Shift ...
  • Adjust the parameters as shown in the picture or your way to remove the fonts for the subject.
  • Check Field Blur and create anchor points. Here, 3 anchor points on the subject's face adjust to 0 to make the subject clear. The outer anchor points will reduce the opacity a little. Then click OK to finish.
  • Continue pressing  Ctrl  +  Alt  +  Shift E.  Change the blending mode to Overlay .
  • Vào Filter > Other > High Pass...
  • Adjust parameters to clarify image sharpness.
  • Hold Alt and click on the Layer Mask icon .
  • Use a white brush to paint over the subject area.
  • Accomplished. And this is the result.


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