Share template Salbuta version by Filmmarking

After many days of waiting for Template Salbuta v1.2x to share free, but hopelessly, free to mod the by me version with many updated features. Here are the full features of the full version. Download link is for short version only. To download the full version please share the post publicly on facebook then take a screenshot and paste it in the comments. Thanks.

Template Salbuta version by Filmmarking

Mod feature again:

  • Edit the top title box (it feels wide and space-consuming in the original).
  • Remove the logo from the title (can be reopened in the accompanying guide) instead of the widget button that hides the sidebar.
  • Edit title, description in the homepage to small.
  • Remove the label tag from the article category on the homepage.
  • Modify the footer bar to 3 columns.
  • Mod again Roboto font support Vietnamese.

New feature:

  • Create Slideshow like Salbuta Slishow template .
  • Add the 2nd sidebar open button (Download).
  • Create a widget that shows posts by Lable in the footer.
  • Download utility waits 30 seconds right at the current page.
  • Adblocker blocking code.
  • Code auto insert Watermark on the image in the post.
  • Auto safelink navigation.
  • ...
Template is continuing to update.

To receive the template:

  • Download using the link below.
  • Comment below to get password to extract the file.
  • Contact us for further assistance.