Create Website with Domain .com for free by Iban with Jimbo

In this article, I will guide you to create a free Domain on Jimbo without losing a penny. By using IBAN, a bank account identifier is commonly used within Europe. This domain you register for fun only should not be used for long, because if detected, the domain will be locked immediately.

Create Website with the Jimbo .com Domain

Although this way will help you get a free .com domain, but it is imperative that you use the Jimbo template to create a website. You can not change DNS or transfer domain to another provider.
  • First you connect to the VPN to Germany (Germany) with a certain VPN software that supports the server.
  • Access the Jimbo site. Then you click Start Free.
  • Then enter the email and password in, do not log in with Facebook Or Google and it will send confirmation mail.
  • Then you will email and click Confirm.
  • Then it takes you to 1 web registration, then you choose Website offline.

  • Then you choose A Single.
  • Then it will ask you to enter the name, this is your domain.
  • Then just select something, if it doesn't load, press skip.
  • Then it will ask you to choose two .com or .org domain names, then you choose one and click Continue, here I will choose the .com domain.
  • Then you will choose the Grow package or any package that is also customized NEEDED FOR YOUR WEBSITE.
  • Then it will have 2 options for you, you can choose any one and press continue.
  • Then it will force you to enter information. To get your information on this web: Click
  • And the phone number, go to this web: Click
  • In the name part, I have a name like this: Ingolf Schreiber, First Name equals: Ingolf and Last Name is: Schreiber.

  • Then select Direct Debit.
  • Then click continue until the payment page appears.
  • Enter Account Onwner: BIC
  • Iban = Iban
  • Then wait for it to be set up: 3 setup can take up to 24 hours and you will have to check in your mail to confirm your domain. If you do not confirm within 14 days, it will be locked.
So all tutorials on creating free website and having free .com domain are over. See you in the next post.