Guide to download premium resources and Freepik Premium

Freepik is a popular stock sharing site for designers . In addition to the free shared templates, Freepik also offers premium accounts to download more advanced templates. However, the maintenance fee is quite high for self-employed people.

The following article will give you a trick to create a premium account of Freepik .
  • First go to the Freepik page .
  • If you do not have a free account, register or log in with your account.

  • Select the Premium left corner button or Go Premium in the middle to start premium registration
  • You can choose one of the two packages below. Then click Subscribe now
  • Fill in any information in the Billling infomation section .
  • In the Payment infomation section you access Get Premium to get information entered in this section.


- The account used to reg must be created and logged in for the first time.
- Each account after registration is only available for a short time, so be sure to sum up the templates to download before creating an account.
- If the account is dead, it cannot be regained.

Good luck!


[Update 15/01/2020]

Registering for a Freepik Premium account costs no money.
This is the tool of uncle Luong Van Duc on the chotheme. You just need to go to the page:

  • Get link freepik The purpose is to help you download premium images on Freepik or other platforms to serve individual needs in a simple and focused way. Just visit getlink, register an account and download it.
  • Currently the system can only download 100 pics/day due to the limit on each FreePik account and only supports Premium items. As for the Free items, you download it by your personal account.
  • Currently supporting in the near future will have Envato Elements, PngTree, Pikbest, Lovepik, StockUnlimited

[Update 18/08/2020]

Due to Freepik's tightening policy, legal circumvention was blocked. We can only deliver downloaded premium repositories and receive new downloads for you.

Register and request an optional resource download here:



Summary of some downloaded resource repositories:




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