How to add information to an Image in Photoshop?

This article guides you to add your copyright information to image files such as JPG, PNG, RAW, PTS, ... Although it does not block the function of changing photo copyright information, it will help you. in preserving copyright as well as displaying your information when sharing files online.

How to add information to an Image in Photoshop

Steps to be followed:
  • Step 1: Open the image file that needs more information in Photoshop.

  • Step 2: Go to File > File Info ... Or, press Alt + Shift + Ctrl + I .

  • Step 3: A new window will appear. You can enter Publish or Copyright information depending on your needs.

  • Examples are shown below.

  • Step 4: After entering the Info for the image. Click OK to finish.
  • Step 5: Check the information entered by accessing the folder containing the photos. Right-click the image and then select Properties .

  • At the current window we click on the Details tab . If the information you entered, you are successful.

Note: If you have many pictures, enter the information at once and be the same. In the File Info ...windowthere is a list near the Preferences button. The drop-down menu select Export ... , choose a save location. To import theexported .xmp file, we just need to change the Export operationearlier to Import .

The job is quite simple but many of you probably do not know. Leave a comment below if you get into trouble in the instructions above. Do not forget to like and share for everyone to know. Thanks.


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