How to create Slideshow PDF with Photoshop

It sounds fictional, but it is true. One of the hidden features of Photoshop that few people know about is creating Slide Show photos with PDF file extension.

Now when it comes to Slide Show, people often think of Microsoft Power Point or video slides made of After Effect, Premiere, Proshow, ... even the background image slide effect on Windows. And when it comes to PDF files they only think of plain text files, print ... no one thinks it can run slides: D.

How to create Slideshow PDF with Photoshop

Before starting the practice, I would like to briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Slideshow PDF.

  • Pros : Well, it doesn't really have any advantages other than being able to create slides on pdfs. For businesses sending slides to customers using this pdf file will cause curiosity of customers for new companies (PDF that runs slide: @).
  • Cons : (This is worth mentioning !!!)
    • Slide on Adobe Acrobat can only be run on Windows ( MacOS, I don't have it, so I don't know if it's running ).
    • If your slides are of high quality images, the pdf file size may be large depending on how you export the file ( note below ).
    • Can't edit the file with Adobe Acrobat (fix it doesn't play the slide anymore)

Download the demo file:

Instructions to create Slideshow:

  • Step 1 : Open all photos that need to be created in Photoshop. Any image file that can be opened in Photoshop can create a slide, even .psd . In this tutorial I will run a slide with the Sunset  image set (If you like this set of comments, I will send you an email).

  • Step 2 : To make the slide beautiful, you need to Resize all pictures to the same size, with the same aspect ratio of 16: 9 or 1: 1 is beautiful. If it is a .psd file , you need to edit the finished file first - no need to merge the Layer .

  • Step 3 : Go to File > Automate > PDF Presentation ...

  • The PDF Presentation window opens. Little explanation:

    • Source Files : Information of the entire image will create the slide. You can Add or Remove photos here. If you have a list of images to sort in order, remember to name the files in order from the beginning and click Sort By Name .
    • Output Options : File properties and information to add to the slide:
      • Reading the name Multi-Page Document surely knows what file it outputs: D so choose Presentation .
      • Background : There are 3 properties While , Black , Gray - the background color that will be displayed if the image doesn't fit in the slideshow frame.
      • Include : Attributes here you can refer to the article How to add information to an Image in Photoshop  to know how to add information, then tick each item you need to show during the slideshow.
      • Font Size : this is active for the above Include property, so if you don't select Include , don't care about it.
    • Presentation Options : Set time, loop, transition effects for Image.
      • Advance Every : Duration of an Image before changing to another (This doesn't need an explanation).
      • Loop after Last Page : What to do when reaching the last image? You will most likely choose this property so that it always repeats from the beginning. If you do not want to repeat, do not choose that: D
      • Transition : There are quite a lot of effects here. The bad thing is that it has no random ... choose which one to eat ... (I usually choose Fade lightly).
  • Step 4 : Ah, then click Save , nothing else. Here you can export high quality for beautiful.

And the result is a PDF file below (Ah download above).

  • Step 5 : Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and you will get a message (Do not check the box Remember my choice for this document . Just choose Yes and enjoy the results. 

If you find this tutorial interesting, then leave me a like , share , comment for fun. Thank you for reading. <3