Sketch - Sketching effect in After Effect

Sketch gives you the ability to create detailed, organic sketch effects in After Effects, no plugins needed.

Bring your results to life with the hand-drawn timelapse effect. Perfect for introductory videos, Instagram or Pinterest.

Create this highly detailed sketch effect from your photos, photos or video frames with just a few steps. The customizable settings in After Effects let you fully transform your results, giving you maximum control. What's even better, no plugins, no pre-rendering, and no third-party apps. You control the amount of doodles, crosses, textures, shadows, highlights, shadows and more.

Sketch has been tested and works on After Effects CC 2018+ (Including CC 2020).


  • Sketch includes a custom resizing script built for modern screen sizes. Choose from the presets or customize your own size up to Full HD (1920 × 1080).
  • Built with new After Effects users, every detail of the creation has been tuned for ease of use. The creation process begins with isolating your source and focus areas. Next, refine your results using the simple Realization Quantity slider. Control the level of abstraction or realism of your sketch. Finally, select up to 5 areas you want to reveal. Control exposure time, hand direction and randomness.

Save time

  • Sketch is designed to save you hours, days, weeks or months of work. It is made for both After Effects beginners and professionals alike, saving you time and producing premium results for your clients or projects.
  • We've spent countless hours creating a realistic sketch result so you don't have to.



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