What is Google Team Drive? How to create Google Team Drive

Google Team Drive is a comparatively new service of G Suite. Business, Enterprise, and Education plan subscribers of G Suite have this service included in their package. This is a service similar to Google My Drive, except that multiple team members can access this Team Drive. As this is a new service, many readers may be wondering that what is Google Team Drive? Even many G Drive users are yet to explore this exciting new product of Google. To answer the question, we will discuss all necessary information about Google Team Drive here. We will talk about benefits and features of Team Drive, as well as its difference with My Drive. Let us get started with a brief overview of Google Team Drive.

What is Google Team Drive ?

Google Team Drive is a shared storage Drive where members can create as well as store files. Users can find it within interface of Google Drive. One person can be member of multiple Team Drives. Users can create new files into Team Drive or upload existing files to it. Now, have a look at the benefits of using this new product of G Suite.

What are Major Google Team Drive Benefits ?

Users will get wide range of benefits if they choose to use Google Team Drive. Here are four major benefits of using this G Suite feature.
  • Better Team Management: Managing both members and permissions have become simpler in Team Drive. Members can be added and removed easily in Team Drives. All file sharing permissions can be controlled from the same console. Thus, admins, as well as employees, get benefited from using Google Team Drive.
  • Easy Member Inclusion: Document access by new members of an organization is made easy by Team Drive. A new member can be added to Team Drive within a minute. New members can get instant access to all necessary files together by Google Team Drive. This significantly helps to increase productivity of new members.
  • Intelligent File Searching: Team Drive contains ‘Quick Access’ feature that can help you find required files quickly. ‘Quick Access’ uses machine learning algorithms to identify documents to users. ‘Quick Access’ analyses trending topics, team calendar, and other relevant data to suggest files to team members.
  • Team-based File Ownership: Any files stored in a Team Drive belongs to the team. No individual member can personally claim ownership of any Team Drive file. This ensures stability despite changes and evolve. In case someone leaves organization, you do not have to worry about the files stored on this drive.

Basic Features of Google Team Drive

Google Team Drive comes with a number of exiting features. Some of its highlighted Google Team Drive features are:
  • Team Ownership of Files: All files of Team Drive are owned by the Team, not by any particular individual. Thus, all files of the team remain within it even if someone leaves.
  • Improved File Sharing Rules: All members of the Team Drive can view the same content.
  • Easy Member Inclusion: It is easy to add members in Team Drive. Apart from regular adding method, users will get added to Team Drive automatically by Google Groups. If someone added to a Google Group, s/he will also be added to all Team Drives of that Group.
  • Sharing with External Users: Admins can add external users to Team drive. All contribution of the external users gets transferred to and owned by the creator domain of Team Drive.
  • Synchronizing on Personal System: Members of Team Drive can synchronize their files on their system using ‘Drive File Stream’.

Technical Specifications

  • You can upload 750 GB of data per day.
  • You can upload files up to 5 TB in size.
  • If a single file exceeds the 750 GB daily limit, that file will upload. Subsequent files will not upload until the daily upload limit resets the next day.
  • A Shared drive can contain a maximum of 250,000 files and folders.
  • A Shared drive can include a large number of individual and Google Group members.
  • Limit for individuals and groups directly added as members: 600
  • A group and an individual are both counted as one member against the limit.
  • Total limit of individuals (direct members, or indirect members due to Google Group membership): 50,000
  • An individual who is a member of several groups that are added as direct members of the Shared drives still only count as a single individual.
  • A single Shared drive can nest up to 20 subfolders, but we don’t recommend creating Shared drives with a folder structure that complex. Shared drives function, but users can have difficulty organizing and navigating the content. Instead of a complex hierarchy of folders, consider organizing content into multiple Shared drives.

Get Drive Team from an external organization

  1. Goto the above links
  2. Enter a NAME for Your Shared Drive
  3. Enter your GMAIL-ID on which you want the Shared Drive
  4. Select any College From the Dropdown Menu
  5. Solve the Captcha
  6. Click on Submit
  7. If Successful you will get Success
  8. If Error, then try selecting another college
  9. Goto - drive.google.com/drive/shared-drives

Join Drive Team already created

Instructions to upload and download Google Drive Team without signing in


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