Photoshop's new AI "quadruple" the pixel quality of an image

Adobe Photoshop has got a new AI feature that can quadruple the number of pixels in your images. This tool, called Super Resolution, is currently included in Camera Raw 13.2 and will be available on Lightroom and Lightroom Classic soon.
This feature uses machine learning trained on millions of images, helping you to enlarge images while preserving details and sharpness. 

Programmer Eric Chan says it's very easy to use: "With just one click and watch your 10 megapixel photos turn into 40 megapixel photos.

This feature can breathe new life into pictures taken with old, low-resolution cameras.

While it's generally not as handy for modern high-resolution cameras, it can still be useful for certain tasks, such as working with pictures you find online and need pictures. that image becomes sharper.

Adobe developed this feature by training AI on millions of pairs of low-resolution and high-resolution images. 

AI finds out how to sample different pixels by using surrounding pixels as context. To use Super Resolution in Photoshop, simply right-click on the image and choose “Enhance…” from the Menu on the toolbar.

The system will then generate an enhanced Digital Negative (DNG) file that can be edited just like any other image.

The image incorporated in this panorama is enhanced with the resolution that makes details visible in the image.

While Super Resolution works best on RAW files captured directly from the camera, it can also enhance other formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

This feature is currently limited to images smaller than 500 megapixels, but that seems to be more than enough for most users.

Currently you can upgrade Photoshop to the latest version to experience this tool (note the tool is located in Camera Raw (Filter -> Camera Raw), if you have not used the Super Resolution tool, you can visit Check out a fairly useful method below to increase image quality: [Updating...]